5 Best Photo Widgets for your iPhone running iOS 14

5 Best Photo Widgets for your iPhone running iOS 14

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For the first time on iPhone, iOS 14 included support for Home Screen widgets. And it’s already one of the most popular features in a recent iOS upgrade. But it’s safe to argue that their popularity wasn’t entirely due to the role they were designed to do.

Home screen widgets were launched by Apple with the goal of displaying the most critical information from an app at a glance. However, they’ve become something of a cult favorite for a different reason: the Home screen aesthetics. Photo Widgets are responsible for a large portion of this trend.

All of the aesthetics-trending home screen looks contain photo widgets, whether they’re just for decoration or to act as though you had memories on your walls. However, if you’re just getting started, it’s all too easy to become lost in the sea of picture widget apps that have suddenly appeared on the App Store. But don’t worry: we’ve put together a selection of the best and only photo widget apps for your iPhone.

Photo Widget Collage

Photo Widget Collage is an excellent program for creating photo widgets for your Home Screen. Photo collages can be used as home screen widgets, as the name implies. It’s likely the only software that allows you to have a collage as a widget, so you don’t have to clutter your screen with them. You can have many photographs rotate around the widget in the style of a slideshow even if you only want a single photo widget.

So you don’t have to pick between having too many widgets on the screen or having only one or two photographs make the cut any longer. Widgets are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Aside from that, you can alter the background color of collages to match the wallpaper on your phone. The sole disadvantage is that different photos cannot be used in two widgets of the same size.


Widgetsmith is a widget wizard for your iPhone screen; the variety of things you can do with a widget using this app is incredible. You can have many photo widgets on your screen with Widgetsmith, even if they are the same size. However, if you don’t want to clutter your screen with several widgets but still want more than one photo, you can have a different photo on the screen every hour. Almost every hour!

You can schedule different photographs to appear on the widget with Widgetsmith’s timed widgets, and you have complete control over the process. You have complete control over which photos appear when. You can even temporarily swap the photo widget with one of the app’s other widget formats, of which there are several. It, too, accepts all widget sizes. It’s a must-have app for widgets in general, but especially photo widgets.

Photo Album (Photo Widget)

Another software that can help you make your iPhone’s beautiful screen dreams come true is the Photo Album widget. On your Home screen, you can have a widget with a single photo or revolving photos. It also enables you to have many widgets of the same size. The nice part is that you can customize those parameters. And it accomplishes all of this while maintaining a remarkably basic and user-friendly interface.

Having a slideshow of photographs in the widget is also convenient. It’s not a decision between a random slideshow and spending time on widget scheduling. All you have to do now is choose an interval between the pictures, and your photos will circulate in the order you choose. You can also put the name of the album on the widget to make it more personal. It is without a doubt one of the best apps available.

Photo Widgets

Photo Widgets is another fantastic iOS 14 app for creating photo widgets. You can have a slideshow of photographs, as well as numerous widgets of the same size with different photos. But there’s more to it than that. Photo Widgets allow you to create not only simple photo widgets, but also photos that include dates, calendar events, or memoranda.

So you can have photographs displaying your appointments throughout the day while still maintaining the beauty of your screen. It also gives you a lot of control over your images. You can select the intervals at which the photographs should change, the order in which they should appear, or random order.


MemoWidget is another amazing program from the same developer as the already-mentioned Photo Album. While Photo Album is solely focused on photographs, MemoWidget, as the name suggests, is mainly focused on memoranda. You might also refer to them as notes. But, unlike the default Notes app widget, it won’t ruin the look of your phone.

With the MemoWidget software, you can even leave yourself some nice sticky notes. You can choose from a variety of attractive backdrops in the program, or you can use any photo from your collection. Like the Notes app, the Memo can have a title and text, but both are optional. It also allows you to choose the size and color of the text that shows on the photo, making it a true note app. It’s got your back whether you need grocery lists or a motivational remark on your screen.

If you’re new to the world of picture widgets or looking for better alternatives to the ones you already have, one (or more) of the apps on this list is sure to become one of your favorites. Even if you’re a beginner, they’re all rather simple to use. Now all you have to do is download one of these apps and check out photo widgets for your iPhone. Go ahead and take your pictures; they’re waiting for you.


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