FIX: “Shift+2” / @ key Not Working on Windows 10 Keyboard

Many times you may find that your Windows 10 PC or laptop’s keyboard and mouse is not functioning properly. For example, many times a combination or a certain key of the keyboard may stop functioning all of a sudden.

One such error is the “Shift+2” / @ key not working on Windows 10 keyboard. Usually, we all are using shift+2 for typing @ symbol. Some computer won’t let you type @ symbol. Instead, when you press shift+2, it will give you a quat symbol (“). @ key is very important for those who are using emails and internet. In this article, we will show you how to fix this problem on Windows 10.

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How to Reset Ubuntu Password

If you forgot your user password on Ubuntu, don’t panic. You can reset an Ubuntu password very easily. This post explains an easy method for changing the root password on Ubuntu. The method should also be applicable to other Linux distributions.

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