How To Root Any Android Device Without a Computer

How to root your Android device with multiple programs There are a lot of different methods to root your Android device. Rooting with Root Master The XDA Developers forum mentions Root Master as one of the best one-click root methods — and it’s simple for beginners to use. Here are the steps: 1. Download and … Read more


How to Fix Steam Needs to be Online to Update

Steam reveals the issue when the customer is asked to go online to upgrade themselves. This is a Steam problem if you are wired to a legal internet network and all Internet apps are running. However, if your very internet is disabled, you can have a valid internet connection and then try again.

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How To Fix isdone.dll Error While installing games In Windows 10

The Windows 10 “isDone.dll” error is mainly related to the installation of PC games, as well as large-scale applications. Big games or applications have compressed data that is unpacked on your hard drive after download. This takes up the RAM of your PC as well as the hard disk. When downloading, if your PC’s RAM or hard disk does not have enough memory to handle the operation, your PC can use this error.

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How To Fix Critical process died in Windows 10

BSOD errors are annoying errors in Windows, caused by a variety of factor such as hardware or software issues. In this post, we’re going to help you address the BSOD issue caused particularly by the “Critical process died” error. Just try our list of solutions below and see if they help.

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